Tawaran AIYLS 2017 untuk Mahasiswa

Ida Puspita, M.A.Res
Head Of International Office
Ahmad Dahlan University

Call for applications

We would like to cordially invite your students to join our ASEAN ISLAMIC YOUTH LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2017 (AIYLS 2017).

What is AIYLS all about?

In order for any product to be considered halal or legal under Islamic law, it must meet specific production regulations. Certain foods and manufacturing process are legal, while others are not those are not called Haraam. The halal industry includes companies that are certified halal, meaning that their products and methods meet the appropriate criteria, as well as those that offer halal services and lifestyle choices. This industry is not restricted to Muslim countries, but has a presence in many nations around the world. The only way to truly fulfill the potential of halal industry is for players to embrace the different trends, lifestyle and worldview of youths today. The youth of today is very much technology-dependent. In Malaysia, 60% of the total population uses the internet with 16 million tweets posted every day and 5.5 million Malaysian accounts on Instagram. More than one-third of the population has Facebook accounts, of which 40% are between the ages of 18-24. Then, the youth of today has more cross-cultural interactions than any generation in history. This is helped by the internet that provides borderless connectivity within seconds.

Purposes of the AIYLS
Enable students to understand the different aspects of leadership.
Encourage student to hone their leadership skills.
Assist students in realizing their own strengths.
Provide opportunities for students to share ideas and reflect in a small group setting.
Briefly, these are some of the highlights of the ASEAN ISLAMIC YOUTH LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2017 (AIYLS 2017) :

Summit schedule summary:
UUM, Kedah: 14th October – 15th October 2017
Arrival and registration: 14th October 2017
Launching ceremony, plenary session, activities example go kart
(Departure from UUM to Malacca, 16th October 2017 after morning)

Malacca: 16th October 2017 – 20th October 2017
Plenary session, CEO Forum, community work programme, UNESCO sight visit, Workshops, teambuilding, NBOS, ASEAN Cultural Night, closing ceremony

Theme : “Leaders engage exchange of ideas”
Fees :

Early Bird – Local : RM400
Early Bird – International : USD$180

Normal Rate  – Local : RM500
Normal Rate  – International : USD$250

Deadline of application: 1st October 2017

Contact details:

Please do let us know if you have further inquiry. Looking forward to hear it from you soon.

Thank you and best regards​​